ISGF superpower high speed dispersing machine

Function: Disperser aims at grinding, dispersing, emulsifying and mixing for different viscosity of raw materials, through high-speed running of the up-and-down teeth of the dispersion impeller, to give materials high-speed for strong shear.

Effect: Quick dissolving, mixing, dispersing, fining.


1. Suitable for industrial mass production
2. Hydraulic lift is stable and reliable
3. High-quality frequency converter and speed reducer, optional speed control property, constant torque
4. Customized hermetical and explosion-proof properties
5. Floor and platform mounting styles are available for choices
6. Belt, pneumatic and manual clamps are available for choices
7. With CE & ISO 9001:2000 qualifications

Model Power Rotation speed Processing capacity Dispersion disc diameter Weight
ISGF-110 110KW 0-960r/min 800-6000L 600 5500kg
ISGF-132 132KW 0-960r/min 800-8000L 650 5800kg
ISGF-175 175KW 0-960r/min 800-10000L 750 7000kg

1. The largest processing volume takes water as reference
2. Non-standard models available for high temperature, high pressure, explosive, inflammable, and corrosive environments.


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