digital high shear emulsifiers

Digital shearing emulsifying machine has the characteristics of small size, low noise and high power. Using the digital control touch type stepless speed regulator, the speed regulation is convenient, and the digital display operation speed, make this machine more safe and reliable. Unique high shearing, mixing and emulsifying function to ensure be processed per minute under shear of hundreds of thousands of times, to solve the general mixer can solve the mixed problem, meet, including emulsion cosmetics, pharmaceutical industry, food processing, chemical industry, industrial coatings, the multiple uses and in some cases can be instead of the colloid mill, sand mill and other equipment. This machine is equipped with three different forms of the stator working head (small holes, holes, Yao Yuankong), customers can be used according to different needs, in order to achieve the best homogenization, emulsification effect.

use voltage: 220V 50Hz

Model output power(W) input power(W) speed (r/min) speed regulation mode working head configuration(mm) treatment quantity(L)
JRJ300-I 300 510 200~11000 stepless Φ70 40


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