FJ300-S digital high speed homogenizers

FJ300-S digital display high speed dispersion and homogeneous machine
High speed dispersion and homogenization machine has the characteristics of small size, low noise and high power. Using the digital control touch type stepless speed regulator, the speed regulation is convenient, and the digital display operation speed, make this machine more safe and reliable. Dispersed and homogeneous working head is made of high quality stainless steel, corrosion resistance is good, and the size of the visual container is changed with different diameter. The working principle of this machine is in high speed driving of the motor, resulting in strong liquid shear and intense high-frequency mechanical effect, prompted the fluid materials in huge centrifugal force, bear per minute up to tens of thousands of times the cut, tear and mixed, so as to achieve the dispersing and homogenizing effect.

useing voltage: 220V 50Hz

model output power(W) input power(W) speed(r/min) speed regulation mode woriking   mode working head configuration(mm) treatment quantity(L)
FJ300-S 300 510 300~21000 stepless continue Φ28    Φ36 2~18

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