IWM-8L centrifugal Ultra-fine Bead Mill

Application: paint, ink, high-level printing paste, Electric, ceramic paste, Microbial functional materials, nanometer materials grinding and dispersing.

Basic technical data

电机功率 Motor power


有效研磨腔容积 Effective grinding chamber volume


电机调速方式 Speed-modifying method for motor

变频调速 Frequency inverter control

主轴转速 Main motor rotation speed

438/分(50Hz 438rpm(at 50Hz)

适用的研磨珠直径范围Suitable dimeter for grinding beads


分散方式 Dispersing method

采用离心式 Centrifugal

密封 Sealing

采用双端面机械密封 Double-end face

操作面板 Operating panel

采用触摸屏 Touch screen

设备控制 Equipment controlling

采用独立的电器柜 Correspondent electric box

保护 Protection

冷却油位偏低、冷却水压偏低,研磨腔压力偏离设定值,出料温度偏离设定值cooling oil’s position or cooling water’s pressure becomes lower, grinding chamber’s pressure or discharging temperature deviates from setting value

设备尺寸(L×W×H Specification



  • The large amount of cooling water circulation guarantees highly-efficient heat transmission of equipment.

  • Independent mechanical sealing’s cooling installment guarantees efficiency and life of mechanical sealing.

  • Touch screen controls system through “guiding” system.

  • Automatically collect and display working data.

  • Preset parameter storage.

  • Replace product quickly, simply and cleaned thoroughly.

  • Circumrotating grinding chamber makes it easy for separating screen to be cleaned and it is needless to discharge product or grinding beads.


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