The use of sand mill in the production of titanium dioxide

2016-04-24 11:09:18

The dispersion disk drives the grinding medium to move at high speed and generates friction and shearing. The elimination of solvent volatilization, reduce environmental pollution and human damage, while preventing air into the grinding chamber, to prevent the dry skin of the material. The grinding chamber is forced to cool. Horizontal sand mill has the advantages of high production efficiency, strong continuity, low interest, high fineness of products.
Sand mill is widely used in paint, cosmetics, food, daily chemicals, dyes, ink, medicine, magnetic recording materials, ferrite, photographic film and other industrial areas of high efficiency grinding and dispersing equipment. Compared with grinding equipment such as ball mill, roller mill, colloid mill and so on. When reducing the mass fraction of the dispersed medium in the system, the distance between the dispersed medium will increase, which will reduce the dispersion efficiency of carbon black. However, if the use of too many dispersion medium, it will increase the dispersion of the wear between the media, resulting in the dispersion of the size of the particle size reduction: sometimes also lead to fragmentation of the dispersion of the medium, affecting the quality of the product. According to the production experience, adjust the number and size of the dispersion medium, so that the dispersion efficiency of carbon black to the highest. The sand mill is suitable for the treatment of low viscosity slurry, which is not suitable for the treatment of high viscosity slurry. Titanium dioxide production process, whether it is sulfuric acid method from calcining kiln are titanium dioxide or titanium dioxide after chlorination oxidation cannot be used directly as a pigment, usually need to post process, in order to improve some properties of titanium dioxide, such as improving weatherability, improve in different solvents, the wetting and dispersion. To improve coverage and luster, at this time, people rarely mention grinding equipment can do in recent years with the display skills to the full, expand the application field of titanium dioxide and titanium dioxide on consumer product quality is not increased, the crude titanium dioxide without postprocessing will never be able to arouse consumer desire, on the contrary, after handler Seiko secret agents of titanium dioxide products although crude than the much more expensive, but more and more favored by consumers. Thus, after the titanium dioxide sand mill and other processing equipment also soon caused the strong interest of the titanium dioxide manufacturers, their sales situation significantly than before a lot better.

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