Horizontal sand mill is the guarantee for the production of high-grade printing ink

2016-04-24 11:07:54

Horizontal sand mill design advanced, closed continuous production, product grinding fineness uniformity, good quality, high production efficiency. Material in the closed state of production, effectively prevents the material dry crust and solvent evaporation, is the necessary ink industry processing equipment, to produce high-grade ink, quality and reliable horizontal sand mill is used.
High grade ink manufacture generally according to the formula need to be acrylic resin liquid, ethanol and part of the water, into the dispersion kettle, fully mixing evenly dispersed. Well dispersed materials moved to the horizontal sand mill grinding, grinding according to fineness can be repeatedly, general ink fineness reaches the following 15um can, high-grade printing ink requires higher, to grinding, until the fineness meet the requirements. ADA horizontal sand mill can easily reach 5um, is the product of choice for the production of high-grade printing ink.
Customers in the IDA mechanical horizontal sand mill before buying had personally test. Our products grinding analysis, under the same conditions, the IDA horizontal sand mill grinding fineness can be one-time reach 5um, fully qualified for the production of high-grade ink requirements is 2-3 times that of other similar products of fine quality.

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