How to choose the correct bead mill in the paint production line

2016-04-24 11:06:26

In the paint industry, there are many grinding and dispersing equipment, the application is more horizontal sand mill, vertical sand mill, ball mill, three roll machine, basket type sand mill, each of which has its characteristics.
Sand mill small size, small size, can be continuous high-speed dispersion, high efficiency, simple structure, easy to operate, the coating industry is the most widely used, the disadvantage is that the color change is difficult, the flexibility is not strong. At present, the sand mill has been developed from open to closed type, which can reduce the volatility of materials in the production process, and can not exceed 0. Under the pressure of 3Mpa with operating pressure, pressurized operation can adapt to high touch is variable, and the flow of color, also can increase the content of pigment slurry, to further improve the dispersion efficiency.
Horizontal sand mill and vertical sand grinding machine of the difference between horizontal sand mill packed sand amount bigger, higher grinding efficiency, and washable relatively convenient, at present in the coatings industry by closed horizontal sand mill accounts for the proportion gradually increased.
Basket sand mill is a new type of sand mill which is developed in recent years. It is to be put in the mixing barrel, and it will be filled with grinding media and mixing knife. It is characterized by:
1, suitable for small batch, multi variety of products;
2, paint pre mixing, grinding dispersion and coating can be completed in the same mixing tank. The disadvantage is that the efficiency is low, and the dispersion time is longer. The paste preparation so it is very suitable for small batch products.
Ball mill is a kind of old dispersing equipment. It is in a steel mill cylinder into the ceramic beads or pebbles as grinding media, through the rotation of the cylinder, to drive the movement of grinding media, through the impact, shear and other functions to achieve the dispersion of pigment. The advantages are that the paint can be mixed, and the grinding and dispersing can be realized in the same tank, and the closed production can be realized. It is good for the dispersion of the pigment (such as carbon black and iron blue). The disadvantage is that the efficiency is very low, and each batch of paint is not easy to clean, the color change is very difficult, a lot of noise, can not process the high viscosity of the slurry. In the past, the use of high-grade solvent based automotive coatings more, but because of its shortcomings, and the preparation technology of sand mill is constantly upgrading, and its application in the paint industry is less and less.
Roller is composed of three steel roller, rotate under the drive of the motor, and forward rotation, intermediate and roll back, paint is placed between the roller, depend on the gap between the rolls to achieve shear on pigment dispersion. Is characterized by a large roller shear force, and is suitable for high viscosity paint production. The disadvantage is that the not continuous production, and production is open, large volatilization of material, manual operation labor intensity big, at present is applied more and more restricted.
Above the, now in paint production, we usually choose closed type horizontal sand mill, especially for water-based pigment paste, jacket and material are made of stainless steel and rust corrosion of the equipment can be prevented, also can prevent corrosion material into the paint, affecting product quality.

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