Comparison between horizontal sand mill and vertical sand mill

2016-04-24 11:12:25

Horizontal sand mill because of its excellent performance characteristics, and gradually become the main equipment in the market, then compared with the vertical sand mill in the end what is the difference?
From equipment manufacturing difficulty and cost to compare: vertical sand mill sand sand mill grinding mill because it avoids the problem of sealing, so the low manufacture difficulty, cheap, suitable for low demand high productivity products.
From the grinding fineness: vertical sand mill for grinding grinding medium cavity under the influence of gravity, the filling rate is low and the distribution is not uniform, the grinding ability is poor, so generally suitable for grinding fineness requirements in 20 micrometers or more occasions (easy to disperse material can be up to 10 microns in the fine degree of fineness); higher requirements the material with vertical sand mills will take a very long time, and can not achieve the desired diameter, so it is suitable for the production of ordinary mechanical or industrial paint primer, paint, latex paint, furniture paint and other low fineness Yaoqiubugao occasions; horizontal sand mill for grinding media distribution, filling rate is higher, so you can the grinding fineness requirements 10 micron products, reached a minimum of 1 micron.
From the use of cost comparison: vertical sand mill downtime when the medium in the grinding chamber at the bottom of the boot leaf and beads produce strong friction and wear, so fragile beads.
From the material: vertical sand mill is mainly for low demand high productivity products, therefore the price is cheap, also caused manufacturers are generally use the more common materials; and horizontal sand mill because many of them are in, high-grade products, so timber vertical sand mill is better than, of course, different brands of May and very different.
From the above four points is not difficult to see that it is self-evident advantages of horizontal sand mill, I believe this for everybody to buy can play a certain role in the professional identification.

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