Application of horizontal sand mill in food industry

2016-04-24 11:10:34

Horizontal sand mill is a kind of use of a very wide range of a grinding equipment, understand the past we think horizontal sand mill is mainly used for coating various paints, dyes and paint and ink industries. However, outstanding set of machine can guarantee the flexibility in the use of more industries, such as the food industry.
Speaking of the food industry is not difficult to understand, the requirements of the food on the ground is not lost to other products, especially the improvement of people's living standards, the food safety, taste, quality is more and more attention.
Edible pigment of the food industry, also known as edible colorant is mainly to make food coloring, people in general will be in the food with edible pigment to improve food color and edible substances, in order to achieve pleasing, stimulate people's appetite. Edible pigment preparation method with the raw materials of different process and different, basically should take after grinding to deliberate with the tune. General mills is difficult to reach the required fineness in the grinding process, grinding even some new ultra mill may not be able to achieve the requirements of horizontal sand mill.
Efficient low energy consumption grade ultrafine double cooling pin horizontal sand mill, without medium to high speed crushing slurry superfine high speed beating machine, again can reach 5um, has been in a low temperature discharge is choice for food processing and grinding.

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